Features and Benefits

Cloud services provide an efficient way to store data, access files, and develop and host applications. The UC system has negotiated contracts with some providers to ensure that UC employees have access to cloud services that meet UC requirements for security, privacy and liability.

Using a UC-authorized cloud service provider can help you:

  • Keep data safe and secure, protecting it from unauthorized third party access
  • Meet federal and state regulations about storing/managing sensitive data
  • Reduce risk and liability for the university in the event of a data breach
  • Access additional features and storage space

AWS Campus Cloud

The Campus Cloud AWS Landing Zone (LZ) is a participant in UC Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) and provides an environment of curated products and service with the following key benefits:

  • UC-wide Enterprise Discount
  • Guardrails
  • NIST-800-171 Compliance Guardrails
  • Networking connectivity to campus (VPC w Public and/or Private)
  • Visibility & observability

Getting Started

To get started using the Campus Cloud, please see the Getting Started guide


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